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Loudoun Valley High School


Vikings Athletics

Loudoun Valley High School

Vikings Athletics

Loudoun Valley High School

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Game Summary

10 months ago

Varsity Field Hockey vs. Broad Run
Seniors Eva Swartz & Kelly Rose during Overtime Captains meeting

Game Date
Sep 25, 2019

Wednesday September 25th, 2019, Loudoun Valley had another first this season.  They beat Broad Run High School for the first time in the history of this program.

Second night in a row, Loudoun Valley High School Field Hockey went into overtime.  This time they finished on top in a hard fought game.

Broad Run Spartans dominated possession of the ball in the first half.  Senior Midfielder, Kelly Rose of Broad Run scored on a beautiful reverse mid way through the first half.  It would be the last time they score in this game.  Valley held on in the first half in spite of the Spartans control of the ball on the Vikings side of the field.

The second half play started much like it did in the first half, with Broad Run dominating possession.  Valley had a hard time keeping Rose and Broad Run in check, but the defense led by Junior Goalie, Genna Marsh and Junior Sweeper, Rachel McFadden, kept frustrating the Broad Run offense.  Broad Run played a very aggressive style of play.  All of their players stayed on the Vikings side of the field, except for the goalie, and two defenders, that stayed at the 50 yard line.   

Valley couldn't be kept down all game.   The momentum started to shift mid way through the second half from Broad Run to Loudoun Valley.  The Vikings' conditioning started to pay dividends in a big way.  The Vikings started getting to the ball before their counterparts on Broad Run and Valley was able to sharpen their passes and get the ball down the field.  Once they got past the defenders at midfield they would have break aways and one finally hit pay dirt. After about 104 minutes of scoreless field Hockey, senior forward, Sarah Thompson scored with about seven minutes left in the game.  Valley had a few more scoring chances that just narrowly missed the mark.  

Second overtime in as many days was about to begin for the Vikings.  With the fewer players on the field, the game opened up and it became much faster.  The conditioning of the lady Vikings was superior on this night.  Kelly Rose's motor never wavered and she was a machine for Broad Run, but she couldn't outrun the whole Vikings team.  Viking senior mid-fileder, Eva Swartz had to chase her all over the field and was tasked to slow her down.  When she got past Swartz, she would encounter defenders Carlea Dawson, or Ellery White, and if she got past them, sweeper Rachel McFadden would get the ball back and the counter attack would start.

At 4 minutes 31 seconds left in overtime, the game ended on a goal by Junior Forward, Charlotte Alto.  This goal was Alto's third overtime winning goal in her high school career.  Valley now has a record of 6 Wins to 3 Losses.
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