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Vikings Athletics

Loudoun Valley High School

Vikings Athletics

Loudoun Valley High School

LVHS Athletic Hall of Fame

Loudoun Valley Athletic Hall of Fame

Nomination Procedures
Approval for Induction
Nomination Form
Hall of Fame Classes

The Loudoun Valley High School Hall of Fame will be created to honor the very best in the history of Loudoun Valley High School athletics. 

The Loudoun Valley Hall of Fame will honor former student-athletes, coaches and administrators, as well as special supporters of the Athletic Department.

A nominee will be considered only if he/she meets the criteria listed below:


  • Nominees must be a graduate of Loudoun Valley High School

  • The candidate shall be eligible to be nominated no earlier than ten years after they graduate from  Loudoun Valley High School.

  • The candidate must have been a varsity team member of the sport for which they are nominated.

  • The candidate must have made a positive impact on the team(s) for which they participated, including demonstrated athletic achievement, exemplary leadership qualities and character.  

  • An honoree may be inducted posthumously.


  • There must be a five-year lapse since the candidate last coached at Loudoun Valley High School.  

  • Nominees must have coached or been a staff member for at least ten years at Loudoun Valley High School.

  • The nominee shall have demonstrated an ability to enhance the athletic experience of the student-athlete while serving as a positive role model through exemplary leadership and character.

Friends of Loudoun Valley High School Athletics

  • The candidate must have volunteered their time, expertise or resources for a minimum of ten years.

  • An honoree may be inducted posthumously.


Nomination Procedures

  • Any athlete in the history of Loudoun Valley High School can be nominated.

  • The original members will become the Charter Members of the Hall of Fame

  • Nomination forms will be available at Loudoun Valley High School and on the school website 

  • Nominations may be submitted by anyone (either written or electronically).  A nomination form must be submitted and filled out and submitted by the deadline in order to be considered that year.  Nominations must include a resume of the athlete’s accomplishments (statistics, awards, etc.) as well as other qualifications.

  • Special category nominations will follow the same procedure, using a different nomination form.



Approval for Induction

To be approved for induction, the candidate must have a majority of the votes from the Selection Committee.

The members of the selection committee can be from the following groups of individuals:

  • Director of Athletics or his/her assistant

  • Varsity coaches

  • Community members

  • Former inductees

  • Faculty/athletics representative

Any nominee not voted for induction into the Hall of Fame during the year of their nomination will remain in consideration for one additional year following their nomination.  After that time period, the candidate must be re-nominated for consideration.

The Selection Committee will determine the number of inductees in the inaugural year.  Following the first induction ceremony, no more than eight individuals will be honored annually.

A candidate can not be serving on the Hall of Fame Committee for the year that they are inducted.

The selection committee will meet during September of the year of induction and finalist will be selected.



  • The induction will be during the fall sports season at the “Hall of Fame” football game. 

  •  Inductees will be honored at a banquet prior to the game and during the halftime celebration.

  • Inductees will be given a plaque to indicate their membership in the Hall of Fame.

  • An Honor Wall will be established at Loudoun Valley High School to recognize the Hall of Fame members.  


Loudoun Valley High School Hall of Fame Members

Hall of Fame Class of 2009

Sheila Colbert Alzate (1987)
Andy Ambers (1982)
Gary Cox (1972)
Coach Scott Douglas 1966-2000
Jimmye Laycock (1966)
Chris Leonard (1988)
Coach Lawrence “Bootsie” Leonard  1962-2001
Linda Mallory (1979)
Calvin Page (1975)
Quilla Sara Philbrick  (1991)
Steve Robinette (1980)
Stacy Simms Vaughn (1996)
Dan Street (1998)
Jennifer Potts Traina (1999)
Aldo Woodson (1973)

Hall of Fame Class of 2010

Robert Larry Potts (1966)
Larry Jenkins (1968)
Patti Page Brown (1975)
Charles Warner (1975)
Mike Sustek (1981)
Suzanne Coburn Throckmorton (1981)
Tena Philbrick Ewing (1988)
Kenny Sims (1988)
Courtney Shomaker (1993)
Ben Cross (2000)
Coach Suzanne Leonard (1963-1986)
Contributor Don Rose (1980-2010)

Hall of Fame Class of 2011

Edwin “Sonny” Hoeltzel (1965)
Johnny Seace (1973)
Traci Carr Little (1984)
Rick Dolinger (1984)
Michael Lockhart (1988)
Jason Simms (1989)
Valerie Murphy Mulhern (2001)
Coach Mike Barton (1976-2000)
Coach Jim Schnable (1971-1998)

Hall of Fame Class of 2012

Garland L. Cooper, Jr. (1964)
Tom Lynn (1966)
David Shockley (1978)
Vada Smith (1978)
Julie A. Hopkins (1983)
Keith Furr (1987)
Kristen Carlson (2002)
Coach Carmel Keilty (1986-2002)
Dr. Larry Belote (1984-2003)

Hall of Fame Class of 2013

T. Merchant  (Merch) McDonald (1965)
Kenneth Baltimore (deceased)  (1979) 
Mary Peterson Canady (1979)
Sandra Baltimore (1980)
John David Washington (1982)
Vashon Page (1989)
Zac Barton (2002)
Coach Randy Poland (1977-1993)
Ben Reed (Contributor 1977-1987)

Hall of Fame Class of 2014

Ronnie King (1971)
Jim Sweetser (1976)
Karen Baltimore (deceased) (1978)
Dr. Robert Burke (1979)
Scott Carpenter (1981)
Christy Fleming Ashby (1989)
Kris Weshinskey (1990)
Jennifer Long (1997)
Kyle Daddio (2002)

Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Lewis W. Owens (1973)
Austin L. Thomas (1979)
Avery Howard (1987)
Chris Doran (1991)
Jennifer Cooper Barlow (1994)
Trip Wilhelm (1999)
Jennifer Everhart Long (2005)
Coach Archie Moore (1971-2005)
Frank Ortiz (15-year contributor 1970’s and 1980’s)

Hall of Fame Class of 2016

Claudia Hoeltzel Bolen-Sullivan (1964)
Jeff Jackson (1970)
Dawn Robinette (1986)
Kenny Mallory (1989)
T.J. Dorsey (1999)
Kristen Bailey Heggenstaller (2000)
Jessica Everhart Lloyd (2005)
Stephen Sheehan (2005)
Coach Doug Livesay (1979-2004, 2009-2010)

Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Luke Cullinane (1994)
Gregory Edmondson (1972)
Lora Potts Lentz (2003)
Blair Brown Lipsitz (2006)
Allen Mallory (1980)
Heather Todd Pitts (1999)

Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Perry Gaskins (1992)
Scott Lesmes (1985)
Mary Carpenter Lovenberg (1982)
Coach Gary McKay (1976-2010)
Kevin Robinette (1982)
Megan Jones O’Brien (1992)

Hall of Fame Class of 2019

Jackie George Athey (1980)
Coach Roger Blakeney (1974-1994, 2008-2009)
Kerrie Pingley Ely (1992)
Chris Lockhart (1991)
Aaron L. McCleary (2004)
Todd Woodall (1989)
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